# What is Smocker?

Smocker (server mock) is a simple and efficient HTTP mock server.

The goal of Smocker is to help you mock the HTTP dependencies of your application. It's a great tool for integration tests automation.

Smocker really shines in a microservice environment with an API gateway. On your development or test infrastructure, you just need to deploy it instead of your API gateway and have your application use it as the gateway.

Production environment, with an API gateway

Test environment, with Smocker

Smocker can also be used as an HTTP proxy through the commonly used http_proxy environment variable.

Production environment

Test environment, with Smocker using http_proxy

Smocker provides several powerful ways to setup your testing environment:

Smocker also has a great user interface which we use extensively to write tests iteratively.

Smocker's user interface - Mocks

Smocker's user interface - History