# Arguments

Smoker can be parameterized through several arguments.

The list of existing Smocker parameters is:

Flag Environment Variable Default Description
config-base-path SMOCKER_CONFIG_BASE_PATH / Used to deploy Smocker under a sub-path of a domain
config-listen-port SMOCKER_CONFIG_LISTEN_PORT 8081 Port exposed by Smocker's API which is used to administrate Smocker
mock-server-listen-port SMOCKER_MOCK_SERVER_LISTEN_PORT 8080 Port exposed by Smocker's mock server where should be redirected your HTTP calls
static-files SMOCKER_STATIC_FILES . The location of the static files to serve for the UI (index.html, etc.)
log-level SMOCKER_LOG_LEVEL info The log level of Smocker, Values: panic, fatal, error, warning, info, debug, trace
history-retention SMOCKER_HISTORY_RETENTION 0 The maximum number of calls to keep in the history by sessions (0 = infinity)
persistence-directory SMOCKER_PERSISTENCE_DIRECTORY "" If defined, the directory where the sessions will be synchronized
tls-enable SMOCKER_TLS_ENABLE=true false Enable TLS using the provided certificate
tls-cert-file SMOCKER_TLS_CERT_FILE /etc/smocker/tls/certs/cert.pem Path to TLS certificate file
tls-private-key-file SMOCKER_TLS_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE /etc/smocker/tls/private/key.pem Path to TLS key file